The debate continues, which is best, harness or collar? This can be as touchy a subject as religion at a bar and right up there with the Apple versus Microsoft debate – everyone has an opinion and they are adamant that they are right.

If you are hoping for the final answer, skip to the bottom of the page and read the ads, I am only going to try and shed some light and personal insights on this murky subject.

I tried to research this question and found that pro-harness people say collars are a no-no, always. The pro-collar people, vice-versa. End of discussion.

Luckily there are some experts that agree that both have a place and use. Collars can be worn all the time and there is no better place to hang the dog’s ID tag. On a side note, dogs must have ID tags if they are going outside the property, even if they are micro-chipped (which they should be).

On the down side, collars are not really an effective way of keeping your dog under control. A few days ago I saw a dog get out of its collar at the vet and take to the street with owner and vet in pursuit. A couple of cars had to take serious evasive action. In defence of the vet, he was assisting the owner in loading three dogs into her car after their consultation.

A well fitting harness gives much more control over the dog and it is virtually impossible for the dog to get out of it on its own. Have you ever tried to stop a dogfight if the dog is only wearing a collar? I have had to do that with a dog wearing a collar and a dog with a harness – trust me, I’ll take the harness every time!

Personally, we prefer harnesses as our dogs are already wearing flea collars and they never go anywhere unless attached to us via harness and lead. (Yes, they are micro-chipped and the harnesses have ID tags.)

Next blog I tale a look at the safety of our pets when travelling - watch this space.

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