Naming people has always been an occasion, it is seen as giving them an unique identity and in some cultures it is considered giving them a direction for life.

Naming pets is a somewhat more haphazard affair, especially when left to children. You find animals named after favourite toys, movie characters or mis-heard phrases. One such example is a miniature Doberman-Pincher named Wolverine.

It was quite funny when I was introduced to this tiny little dog with the really big name. Oddly enough it grew up to have a huge personality and dominated its household, including the massive Rottweiler. Coincidence? Maybe not, maybe its name formed its character.

Just possibly we should pay more attention when naming our animals, give it some thought and give it a chance to grow into its name.

The photo accompanying this blog is of my Rough Collie, Steffi, or to give her, her full name, Stephani Sanderberg Snow At Night.

I had a Rough Collie called Tissi a couple of years ago and a friend kept saying Tissi reminded her of Princess Grace of Monaco as she was very regal and very graceful. When we got Steffi, we wanted to pay homage to the departed Tissi and hence the name, Stephani. She has certainly lived up to her royal lineage and is as graceful as Tissi was.


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