Most of what I am going to say is, or should be, common knowledge.

We have become a very safety conscious society – children’s safety, home safety and our own safety. Why is the safety of our animals not that high on the list, if it is even thought of?

We have spoken about harnesses versus collars and you know what we think, but think a bit further – what about when your dogs are in your car? How do you restrain them? Or are you of the mind-set that they are well behaved and will sit still?

Have you thought about what will happen to them in an accident? They are as much at risk of flying through the windshield as you or your children are.

So the cat is in the cat basket, how is the cat basket secured?

Apart from the obvious injuries the dog or cat may sustain, think about your own safety as well. I do not relish the prospect of being hit behind the head by a dog or cat in an accident, do you?

Think about what will happen if you are in an accident and the dog or cat gets out through a broken window or open door, what are they going to do? They will do what comes naturally to them, they will flee and probably become another stray animal, if they live.

Your car already has seat belts, use them to secure the cat basket and there is a simple seat belt harness clip available that will secure your dog. In the UK and a number of US states it is a requirement that animals be restrained when travelling in a vehicle.

Don’t wait for an accident or legislation to take preventive measures.

For your sake and your animal’s sake – BUCKLE UP!

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Car*Safe Seat Belt for Dogs



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