You may remember our earlier blog about Animal Behaviourists  and what we went through with our newly rescued cat. I’ve had a number of people asking how that turned out in the end.

Let me tell you, Isis (named after the Egyptian goddess) has turned into the most loveable and well-behaved cat you can imagine!

She, like all cats, spends most of her day sleeping and never ventures off the property – at most she will sit at the gate and stare out for a few minutes, get bored and find a place to sleep.

Neither she, nor the dogs, has any problem with one another and Cipia, our senior cat that got the brunt of Isis’ original behaviour problem, tolerates her to the extent that they chase each other around the house, with extremely seldom a hiss and never a growl!

One of her new habits is to get on my lap and watch me type and if I don’t pay enough attention, she will start kneading my lap, with ever increasing nail pressure…OUCH!

The time and money invested in consulting John Faul has been repaid in spades – we are happy and most importantly, we have a very happy family!

Isis Then and now:

Isis a few days after we got herIsis now

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  • stan on

    Saw her last week and can confirm condition…..

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