About Dog & Cat Pad


Dog & Cat Pad aims to provide smart stuff for smart pets - after all it’s all about the animals! 

We hand craft pet beds, cushions and accessories in Cape Town for delivery anywhere in the world.

Being firm believers in education, we also try and teach people how to best look after their beloved pets.


Dog & Cat Pad consists of three principals, wife and husband team Gerda and Philip Kruger and they are supported by Gordon Struthers.

Not content to just be animal lovers and owners, Gerda and Philip has been intimately involved with animal welfare over the years.

Gerda’s first volunteer job for animals was “shaking a tin” at a shopping mall for a prominent animal welfare organisation in 1996. This lead to doing Sunday volunteer work at an animal shelter and as these things go, both Gerda and Philip eventually landed on the Board of the shelter. Gerda became Chairperson and served a total of 8 years on the Board. Philip served on the Board for 6 years and during this time attended an Animal Welfare Conference in Athens, Greece and spent a week at Battersea Dogs’ and Cats’ Home in London, England to learn best practices from them.

Gerda and Philip went on various rescue missions on behalf of the shelter and have a lot of horror stories to tell! Of course, there was also good things, nothing is as gratifying as seeing an owner re-united with a lost pet or finding the right home for an abandoned animal!

The decision to withdraw from active service was not easy for either, but both felt that it was time for new blood on the Board and being that intimately involved with animal welfare takes it emotional toll after a while. You don’t just see the good, you end up seeing the worst of people.

Both Gerda and Philip have adopted many cats and dogs over the years and are strong believers in adopting and not buying pets. They have never not had pets in the house and of the 11 dogs, 8 were rescues and of the 15 cats, 4 were rescues.

Obviously, all have been sterilised!




Gerda Kruger Philip Kruger Gordon Struthers

Founder of Dog & Cat Pad, Gerda Kruger, has had a life-long love for animals and cares deeply for them and how they are treated. She believes that adopting a pet is a commitment to love and care for the animal for its whole life and that they deserve a place in the home.

This has led, over the years, to quite a collection of, rather frankly, very ugly dog beds, blankets and cat baskets. Tired of these, she decided to design her own range of pet furniture.

The Dog and Cat Pad was born!

Gerda is the creative one and comes up with all the original designs and does a lot of the sewing herself as she finds this therapeutic and relaxing.

Also a life long animal lover, Philip is in charge of the technical aspects, making Gerda’s designs work in real life. He also looks after the all the online stuff.

Gordon mainly provides support and currently is more of a silent partner while keeping an eye of things from a different perspective. He strongly believes in what Dog & Cat Pad is doing and sees this as a way to build a legacy for his children.