We design and manufacture beds and cushions with your pet's comfort and health in mind, while still being beautiful in your home.

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Remembrance Range of Beds - In honour of much loved and missed pets. Designed to not only offer the maximum comfort for your dog, even ones suffering from hip dysplasia or injury, but to also look beautiful in your home. Our unique hammock design makes it adjustable to suit your pet's health and comfort.


Cushions & Covers - Made from 100% South African cotton.

 Available as covers only or complete with inner pillows. All covers and pillows have Velcro fasteners for easy washing.

All cottons are pre-washed and will not shrink.

The pillows are handmade and we use South African Shweshwe, a 100% cotton material and a heavy duty (315g/m) printed cotton, both of which we pre-shrink.

Of course, we can use any material of your choice to make your unique cushion.

Shweshwe patterns vary from season to season. We source from a variety of suppliers and can find something to match your colour scheme.

Safety Accesories - CAR*SAFE Seat Belts for Dogs.

Please buckle up your dog, it is not only for your loved pet's safety, but for your and your passenger's safety!

 We cannot stress how important it is to have your pet safely secured in your vehicle. 

Did you know that it is an offence in the UK and many USA states to travel with an unsecured animal? This is for your safety as well as the safety of your pet. Imagine a 30 pound dog hitting you from the back in a collision...both of you could be seriously injured, or worse, killed.

 You buckle up, please do the same for your pet!


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