We specialise in making special solutions for special pets.

Here three of our latest special projects:


BB The Scottie

BB is a Scottie with an untreatable neurological disorder which causes her to lose control of her hind legs when walking.

Her owners approached us at ROOT44 Market to find out if we could come  up with a solution.  We modified our standard harness by adding a section at the back and  a long continuous sling clipping  in front and back to provide support for her hind legs.

We  are proud to say that this helped BB to such an extent that  she even came to visit us at the Market recently! Her owners also reported that she is again enjoying walks with her two friends and has even become playful!


Mimi The Poodle

Mimi is a six year old poodle who suddenly developed an allergy to just about everything. While going from vet to vet to find the cause, Mimi started scratching her ears raw, to the extent that she could not be left alone. The standard plastic collar helped a bit, but she could not eat or drink with it and often managed to get it off.

Her owners approached us for a solution and after a lot of thought and trial and error, we came up with a soft collar that allows her to eat and drink normally without managing to get to her ears. She even sleeps with it quite comfortably.

We are glad to say that Mimi is now on a specific course of medication and her symptoms are improving, in the meantime, the collar is making a huge change to her, and her owners’ lives. They can now even let her sleep on her own with out fear that she will scratch and hurt herself.


Mylie The Bulldog 

Miley the Bull Dog, a rescue, suffers from the normal Bull Dog problem - snoring, but she also tends towards incontinence.

We were asked to help the owners who found themselves with a smelly cushion everyday and with Cape Town’s water restrictions, washing it became a problem.

We then made Miley a waterproof inner cushion with an easily washable outer in a colour matching the house decor. To alleviate the snoring, we added a small cushion that lifts her head and opens her breathing passages.

Two problems solved and it also looks beautiful!

Feel free to contact us if you have a special needs pet!